This is an old idea which becomes reality. To adapt a maintain belt for metal cages, by using the cage locking system itself, and not be bothered by an other padlock. Having a simple and completly adjustable system. All the RED CHILI cages with the "NoEscape padlock" locking system, are equipped with two spurs, two blocking tips which maintain and lock the cage. We can easily use them to slide a stainless steel chain link in there, which sticks permanently the cage to the pubis. 


The discipline belt works only with the "NoEscape Padlock" locking system! With the "NoEscape with screw" it doesn't work, it makes the security screw working bad. The "COMBO 1&2" are not really adapted too, even if you can put the chain directly into the padlock.

Mistress Ingrid enjoying...



Many advantages to this system:


- Easy, simple to set up and esthetic:

According to Mistress or Master humor, the tightening can be adjusted as we want, with a single padlock which locks the whole device.

- More security, difficulties to escape:

All the market's cages are possible to violate, with the help of cold and soap we can at least take out the penis of any cage (except with Prince Albert percing). This device is not impossible to violate, but it make the things way harder and complicated. I like to compare it as a car for a thief, all are possible to steal, but more difficult are those with an alarm or a stick across the steering wheel.

- More comfortable:

In the sense the chain is not very annoying, I can wear it weeks without marks on my body, and a chaste man needs to feel its sex firmly imprisoned. What is more unpleasant during the shower, with the soap's effect, to see your cage sliding on the front? Even sometimes it can fall alone completely! It would often be so easy to take out the penis, wank it a little bit, and put it back into the device, keeping the secret with your dominant. With the "Discipline Belt" it doesn't happen any more, and the temptations to make a mistake too.

 - Less erections:

Most of the cages do not manage to really block the erectiles sexual drives. The cage stuck itself in the front of the sex, and the blood flow stagnates under the cage, forming a painful ball between the cage and the pubis. It's what often happen during the night-erections by sleeping.  Having the cage stick to the pubis, avoid this phenomenon, there's no space to let the blood stream.


All RED CHILI cages with the "No Escape Padlock" locking system, are thought and delivered with this "Discipline Belt".