Summer is always time to rest for us, after an intense handicraft season. This period allows us to come back with our best energy to serve you! This does not mean that our activity completely stops in summer; we use this time to spend time on the research and development for new products, to improve the website and to share with other passionate people.

We already have many new things to show you at the autumn, like the "Hannibal Cage" or the "Cuck-Wedding Ring"..! :) We are making our Ambassadresses and other Cuckold Queens network bigger too. We will dedicate them a special corner on the website, and will probably organize in 2018 a chastity event in Madrid where all curious, clients, Masters and Mistresses will be invited.

We wish you a great summer full of pleasure, we will be back ending September!




We finish the year with some significant released, like the Lily Cage , the "Bee", the "NoEscape with screw" locking system, the "Non standard ring size option"... We're always creating and already have many ideas for the new year!

We decided to stop the 2016 orders at the 10th of december, to have the time to finish our waiting list (5 weeks before shipping right now), and begin the new year with faster deliveries. Hope to see you soon!





Many new options available now!


- The Ergonomic base ring

The ergonomic ring's curve gives a very comfortable sensation, and a better gatched-up.


- The new LoveKeys and Security screw:


- The Combo2 Locking system:


- Strengthened bars option:

We usually spaced the bars approximately every 10mm, when you take this option we do it every 5mm, so it makes double the bars number.



In the same time we are developing with "Seth", a hand made leather works specialist, the RED CHILI LEATHER line, providing BDSM play high quality and customized accessories. The spirits keeps the same, strong and esthetic designs, fully customizable, attractive prices and passion of good work. Here a preview of what's coming...


So, we hope to hear from you soon! Cheers, Aken.

 Our workshops will be closed two months in June and July. We will open again on August 10th.

Regarding to the waiting list, we can't take anymore orders, and answer messages before we open again in August. All months of May and begin of June, are already filled for us to treat the orders waiting...

The message service stays however ready, for any question concerning customers who ordered before the May 10th.

We hope to be able to start again in August, with a waiting list fallen to 0. It will allow us to be more reactive for the next season. Last September we had already started with at least 4 late workweeks, which we were never able to catch up.

Sorry for this period when we will not be able to supply our services. However a minimum will be assured by "Phil" (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for those who already use our products and need something urgent as adjustments.

Thanks a lot for your understanding, and to allow us to be victims of our success!


The workshop will be closed for a month, it's time to take care of Mistress and starting thinking the new organization for 2016. You can still order to take place in the waiting list, but your order will be treat when we'll open again at begin of the year.

Thanks to all the customers trusting our work, wish you all some great ending year parties!