THE "GANCHO LOCK": Your Prince Albert piercing perfectly secured...

This is our main solution for locking frenum, apadravya or PA piercings onto the head of the cage. It is adaptable to many of our models, and comes equipped with the special head for the “Gancho Lock”. We also recommend our range of other piercing accessories, which are available with the " Adjustable London Tower". 

The “Gancho” or hook is inserted into the piercing hole and locks itself onto a second locking piece that is screwed onto the head of the cage. We use small M3 security screws for this, which are compatible with our small “Lovekey”. 

Using this method, the sex is completely imprisoned; there is no way to cheat, with pulling out becoming a distinct impossibility unless given the dominant party's express approval.

Depending on your piercing, you may require an adapted hook and head fixation bridge. Please specify what kind of piercing you have when filling out your order form. 


From left, Gancho for frenum, Prince Albert and Apadravya.



Ordering in 2 steps:


 1- Proceed payment by using the PayPal buttons below (with shipping if necessary):

 - 1 Gancho Lock: 80€    

- 1 shipping by UPS or TNT for Europe: 25€   

- 1 shipping by UPS or TNT Outside Europe: 35€   


 2- Complete and submit the form below, with your size options and identification infos:



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