For any of our models, you can choose the cage's head which suits you best. At the moment we propose two options, a third one is coming soon. Anyway, according to your needs, other head's types are conceivable together.


This is the options:

- Airy Head:

For those who want to breathe, and allow themselves some small confined sexual pleasures, alone or under Mistress or Master control. Enough with small sizes cages.


- Secured Head:

For more confinement, fewer access and possibility to have some sexual pleasure.


- Double floor Head:

Developed with some Prince Albert percing adepts, this double floor head allows the PA to get through the first bars, the second floor assuring a good protection against friction. It's very efficient without a PA too, especially for uncut people who wants to protect their skin coming outside.



Ultra secure Head:

This head is a bit more heavy, but efficient against the skin escapes, touching attempts and friction into the trousers. the four first bars let some narrow spaces which stops a foreskin trying to get through. And even if some skin get out, the second range of bars protect the whole thing. As it needs more work, It's an option adding 20€ to the cage price.




Foreskin stopper head:

This head's model is the best, regarding esthetics, discretion, comfort and efficiency. Bars are spaced out by only 1 or 2 millimeters letting no chance for long foreskins to get through. Impossible to have fingers contact with this! It's the one which ask the most work to make, adding 30€ to the price of a standard cage.



Gancho Lock Head:

Special head thought for the "Gancho Lock" accessory. It's possible to make it more restrictive on demand.