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If you are used to our website, you certainly already saw the beauty of this stunning Princess, sublimating some of our pages. Ibicella is not a woman like others, and it's why she became instantly our main French ambassadress!





This 23 years woman, despite her young age, has a solid experience with BDSM and Fetish games. She devours this lifestyle has the carnivorous plant she symbolizes. We met, after an order she made for a best submissive. The mutual respect for our complementary arts, has logically made this partnership.





Ibicella has grown mostly overseas, and followed literary studies, which gave her a perfect control of French, Spanish and English speaking. We can easily feel this ease in her writes, but mostly in the spontaneity of the Fetish videos she's producing by herself.




She has to take radical life choices, to be able to live the lifestyle at full time. Her fetish media production work quality, makes Ibicella always more professional. She already became an icon of the French BDSM scene. At RED CHILI, it's inevitable to compare her to the American professional elite, her work quality being similar to the famous "Goddesses" like Alexandra Snow or Karin Von Kroft.





Ibicella is a star on the vend ta website, and the caged males worshipping the delicate smell of her soiled panties, are hundreds of them!






Her beauty, vice and intelligence is obvious. But the success which she deserves with many submissives, is given by her open mind and accessibility. For us, she's right now the most interesting French Mistress to discover, the revelation of these last years. We're very proud to make her try our products, and to benefit from her goodwill. You will see Ibicella very often around here... but give her a visit on Fetlife!