LONDON TOWER - ADJUSTABLE VERSION: A full range of games...

 "The London Tower Adjustable Version", is an innovative model allowing to combine various accessories with the cage, using rings that lodge themselves on the "Combo1" (only) locking stalk. These rings allow to integrate a "Gancho" for PA piercing, an "Ureter Plug", a "Snake Thread" for frenum piercing, a "Restrictor" for punishment, or a standard cage bar to close properly the empty space, when you wear the device without a special accessory.

These additional rings, take up 5mm of the base ring/tube space. Think about it when you choose your size. Simply add 5mm to your usual space (for example if you usually feel good with a 8mm space, you should take 13mm for this cage).

It's a very comfortable model, thought for a 24/24 wearing. It allows a perfect hygiene, and remains discrete under the pants, thanks to its oblique shape. Polish finish.

Every cage is a unique surgical (316L) stainless steel peace, handmade by our craftsmen in the RED CHILI Montpellier or Barcelona workshops.


- The standard cage is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 base ring, 1 standard bar ring, 2 security screws, 2 LoveKeys, 1 padlock, 1 storage bag.

!!! The other accessories (Gancho, Ureter Plug, Snake Thread, Restrictor) don't come with the standard option, they must be added to the basket depending on your needs!!!


PS: Before ordering you should have a look to our articles about measuring the head choice  and the possibility to order additional base rings .



Order Info


Price TTC: 240€


More shipping costs:

(Discrete packaging, taking care of your private life)



International shipping with insurance and tracking: 25€



International shipping with insurance and tracking: 35€


- Building time: 4 to 6 weeks (between order and shipping / delivery time is about 2/4 days for Europe and 5/7 days for USA) If you have a rush request e-mail us (+150€ for 1 week building time)





Ordering in 2 steps:


1- Proceed payment by clicking the corresponding PayPal logo below:

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- I live in EUROPE (cage standard+shipping 265€):  


  - I live OUTSIDE EUROPE (cage standard+shipping 275€):  









 - PA Gancho : 55€   

- Ureter Plug : 55€   

- Frenum Snake Thread : 55€   

- Restrictor: 55€   

- Full 5 accessories set: 180€   



Classic Options:


 - Option "Disciplinary Tips" (75€):  


 - Option "Ultra secure Head" (20€):  


- Option "foreskin Stopper Head" (30€):  


 - Option "Ergonomic Base Ring" (25€):  


 - Option "Strengthened Bars" (60€):  

(Spaced approximately every 5mm instead of 10mm)


 - Option "Non-standard base ring" (30€):  





2- Complete and submit the form below with your size options and identification informations:

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