LONDON TOWER - ADJUSTABLE VERSION: A full range of games...

 The adjustable version of our London Tower allows you to combine a number of accessories with the cage, using rings that connect with the locking stalk. These rings allow you to integrate a “gancho” for PA piercings, a “ureter plug”, a “snake thread” for frenum piercings, a “restrictor” for punishment, or a standard cage bar to curtail any empty space if worn without accessories.

These additional accessory rings take up 5mm of space in the ring-tube gap, which should be kept in mind when ordering your size. Simply add 5mm to your usual gap size to take this difference into account; when ordering an 8mm gap for another cage, for example, this would be 13mm in the case of the adjustable London Tower).

As with our other models, this cage is a snug fit designed with long-term comfort and hygiene in mind, given a polished finish and fitting discreetly beneath the trousers.

Every piece is made by hand in our French (Montpellier) and Spanish (Tarragona) workshops, using highest-quality 316L stainless steel.


- The standard cage is delivered with: 1 tube, 1 base ring, 1 standard bar ring, 2 security screws, 2 LoveKeys, 1 padlock, 1 storage bag.

!!! The other accessories (Gancho, Ureter Plug, Snake Thread, Restrictor) don't come with the standard option, they must be added to the basket depending on your needs!!!


PS: Before ordering you should have a look to our articles aboutmeasuring the head choice  and the possibility to order additional base rings .



Order Info


Price TTC: 240€


More shipping costs:

(Discrete packaging, taking care of your private life)



International shipping with insurance and tracking: 25€



International shipping with insurance and tracking: 35€


- Building time: 4 to 6 weeks (between order and shipping / delivery time is about 2/4 days for Europe and 5/7 days for USA) If you have a rush request e-mail us (+150€ for 1 week building time)





Ordering in 2 steps:


1- Proceed payment by clicking the corresponding PayPal logo below:

(Your payment will appear on your bank account with the designation: "online")


- I live in EUROPE (cage standard+shipping 265€):  


  - I live OUTSIDE EUROPE (cage standard+shipping 275€):  









 - PA Gancho : 55€   

- Ureter Plug : 55€   

- Frenum Snake Thread : 55€   

- Restrictor: 55€   

- Full 5 accessories set: 180€   



Classic Options:


 - Option "Disciplinary Tips" (75€):  


 - Option "Ultra secure Head" (20€):  


- Option "foreskin Stopper Head" (30€):  


 - Option "Ergonomic Base Ring" (25€):  


 - Option "Strengthened Bars" (60€):  

(Spaced approximately every 5mm instead of 10mm)


 - Option "Non-standard base ring" (30€):  





2- Complete and submit the form below with your size options and identification informations:

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