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This gorgeous Italian based in Brescia, is involved into the professional BDSM scene from more than 20 years, . She present herself as naturally dominant and cruel from the childhood. To make her passion for domination become a work, was logical and natural.



She loves to accompany people in the exploration of their deepest and most wonderful fantasies, helping them to discover sensations and facets of themselves which sometimes they ignored. She obtains this result, thanks to her expérience, intelligence, fantasies, techniques and tools. She has a special ability to listen and understand the people coming to her. Madame Ingrid is a certified nurse too, knowing very well where can be the physical and psychological limits, even during the most intense experiences. Beginners can easily find a very good first experience at her feet too.

BDSM is a 24/24h art and lifestyle for this Diva, and her radiant presence honored most of the main worldwide events.



Madame Ingrid wrote a wonderful book in 2012: "On Tour". It's composed by 15 chapters, relating various trips around the world, during her large dominatrix experience. Every step allowed her to be in contact with different BDSM aspects, to live new experiences and grow as a woman and dominatrix. This 200 pages book is about 20 years of evolution in the professional domination world.

You can find "On Tour" in Italian only, and  eBook version.



You can follow her on various websites: