Many of our customers, need additional rings, to complete the one delivered with the cage. It allows to vary the sizes and the shapes. It's the hardest size to choice and customers often need a few tries. If you have a "NoEscape" locking system, you don't have to send us back the cage for adjustment, every new ring will fit.  If you have the Combo 1 or 2, we need the tube sent back, to adjust it to the new ring.


Ordering in 2 steps:


 1- Pay the amount of the ring (and shipping costs if necessary)


- Standard base ring (for NoEscape with padlock, Combo1&2): 55€  


- Standard base ring (for NoEscape with screw): 75€  


- Option "Ergonomic Base Ring": 25€  


 - Option "Non-standard base ring": 30€  


 Shipping EUROPE: 25€  


Shipping OUTSIDE EUROPE: 35€  




2-Fill and send the form below with your ring options and your shipping infos:


Ring Options




Shipping Infos
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