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Queen "Alya", is a Glamour Model who started her carrier in the 2000's. After years into fashion, she's mainly focusing her work on BDSM and Fetish contains now.  She is the "Russian Fetish Queen", symbol of the cold and inaccessible beauty of the slavic women.



To express her natural beauty at her best, she has a lot of discipline with herself, following a strict regime of work outs and getting the right nutrition.  She also takes language courses at the university, making her always more international.



More she learned about Fashion industry, modeling and photography, the more she got involved in each and every aspect of image creation. It became a passion, enjoying the "Glamour" of this world, traveling to exotic places, beautiful settings, and wearing stylish clothing all the time.



This superior woman loves to feel admirers looks on her body, and like to play with this as the Queen she is. She caused a few car trash, because of men's eyes stuck on her!



Alya decided to live in Canada, to be closer to the "Fashion industry" and win her artistic freedom. The more she modeled, the more she realized there was a high demand for certain types of outfits from her fans. Then requests to produce Fetish videos wearing leather, thigh high boots... it was the begin of her Mistress carrier.



Even if she remains a Glamour Model, she enjoys being in the role of a Mistress, desirable Goddess and powerful Dominatrix. It's how she discovered the world of male chastity, keyholding now a few lucky males, and teasing cruelly all the others fans.



Queen Alya loves to read her fans erotic dreams, most intimate fantasies, beautiful poems and stories dedicated to her. She often has a very close correspondence with her website members, to better understand their needs, desires and kinks. But she's not only a Fetish fantasy she can be a very close confidant.



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