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What's new with Susan?

16/10/2017:Susan's playing with the "Tease Cage"





Susan is a naughty wife... for the best pleasure of hubby and the bulls he choose for her. This nice Belgian couple are great cuckolding adepts, and RED CHILI clients since the begin.



Susan loves to dominate her husband, forcing him to wear a chastity device, when he has to watch impotent, the huge cocks dominating her... Yes dominating... because once into a sex party with a Bull, Susan loves to become the best little slut she can! What more humiliating for hubby to see his wife and Mistress, being pounded by powerful males (often tied up), when he's not allowed to enjoy her marvelous body for weeks, and has no other choice to obey. She push-up her vice, to force him to film and shoot these kinky scenes, and then once back at home, to watch hours well locked in chastity...



A little game which tells a lot about Susan's vice: Every time she has a date, hubby has to choose the exciting sexy clothes the Bull will enjoy to fuck her! Check the chastity key staying in its best place: around her neck...



The durable and efficient males who would like to enjoy Susan's charms, have to absolutely take contact with hubby first, who choose the potential Bulls. Then it's Susan who elect the few lucky guys, and gives to them the privilege of her pussy. For any contact, send a well educated request on Fetlife.


"Madame perfect butt is a rare privilege, reserved to dominant males well educated and generously sexually equipped by the nature... it's not for caged sissies!"


"Susan waiting for a good sex party with a new male she has selected: Who will be able to fill her vices and will be worthy enough to enjoy the high level of her exceptional beauty...?"