It'a a very important stage to condition choices concerning your cage, it has to be well done with patience:

- A too big cage will be very uncomfortable, contrary to what we could think . It will tend to fall alone, to slide always in the front, and will hurt your testicles with the base ring. It will take a lot of space into the pants needlessly. 

- A too small cage will injure you, and force you to stop wearing it the time to heal your cock. The sensation is often exciting for short periods, but not possible for a long 24/24 wearing, it's up to you...





- Measurement has to be well done, we recommand to repeat it several times at different moments of the day. Calculate an average of your results. 

Important thing: Measure has to be done sex at total rest! Male can quickly get horny by the fact of measuring his cock, you must not have the slightest beginning of erection!


-Measure1: sit down on a chair and let your penis falling down on your tight thighs. Measure before the glans the width of your cock. The result corresponds to the diameter to use for the tube rings.

-Measure2: Stand up, hold with your open hand the penis perpendicular to your body (check down our infos about the influence of the sex position in the measurements). Measure from the low stomach to the end of the glans. If you have a long foreskin, measure to its base, not the end.


 The sex position influence a lot the measurements. with the gravity effect this length changes. On this example, we can see the difference between each position. If we hold the sex up, it measures 60mm, if we hold it perpendicular it measures 80mm, and if we let it hang downward it measures 100mm, that's big differences! The right value to determinate the tube length is the average measurement with the sex perpendicular to the body, so 80mm. 

Then, to determinate the right tube length to order, it is necessary to subtract from your result the base ring thickness (often 6mm) and the space between the base ring and the tube (often about 10mm). Example for a 80mm long penis: 80-10-6=64mm for the perfect tube.

The simplified rule "Penis length - 20mm" works pretty good. For a 80mm penis, a 60mm tube will be perfect.


- Measure3: Often the most delicate to be defined, we have to find the balance between the held of the cage and comfort. It often requires several tries. You can have an approximative idea, using a thread (not too smal, not too big, ideally about 2/3mm diameter) as template to calculate the scrotum circumference. Tight it enough, a finger can be able to pass under forcing a bit. Cut the thread, measure its length,  and refer to the guidelines table down to have an idea of your base ring size. Some people buy some silicone rings to make some tries before ordering.




- Measure4: This space between the base ring and the tube is rather difficult to really measure, it will be more defined by guesswork. Generally the 8 to 11mm value works for most of the people. This value is connected to the shape of your testicles, and the goal to prevent from escape. Over 15mm there's too many chance the balls can get through the base ring.



If your exact size does not correspond to ours standards, choose a smaller one close to your measurements. By experience, in case of doubts, it's better to make a mistake with something too small than the opposite. A tightened cage will be always more pleasant to wear than a too big one, contrary to what we can think. If the proposed sizes are too much away from yours, let us know, we shall find a solution...

Keep in mind that the measures are sometimes different from your needs reality. They help to reach your goal faster, but nothing can be better than trying the devices, the genitals are so variable...