"The Constrictor": It suffocates its prey by winding around, before swallowing it head first...


Like the animal to which this chastity device refers, the Constrictor suffocates mercilessly the adventurous horny sex getting there. As locked into a chastity cage, it's during erection attempts that pain becomes higher. In this sense the disciplinary tips version has to be used with a full attention, if you want to avoid wounds. The constrictor is easily set up. As to put a chastity cage, testicles and penis have to pass through the base ring first. Then you can "wind" the penis in 2 other rings as you please. A little bridge is welded on the upper ring top, offering a hanging point to fix a leash for example.

The Constrictor is a RED CHILI invention from the summer 2016. Every piece is unique, hand-made in 316L stainless steel, in our workshops from Montpellier and Barcelona.

Weight: About 50g (depend on the ring sizes)



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