Sells are closed, our working list is full!

Next selling session half of July.

(The precise date will be announced here when we will know it)

Turn around for the current orders is about 10 weeks.



 Read our Irish Ambassadress Spoilt Princess Grace ITW here!


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Because everyone's needs are different, all our products are handmade and customized in our French and Spanish workshops.

On our website you'll find all of our male devices to help start your chastity experience under the best of conditions.

Our goal is to provide more accessibility to custom-made chastity cages, offering both attractive prices and a high quality of service.

All our products are made from 316L surgical stainless steel, and designed by people experienced with wearing chastity cages for long periods.

To give both the best service and the best pleasure, we give priority to establishing a good rapport with our customers, readily answering any questions and providing a reassuring, guiding hand. We look forward to hearing from you soon...

RED CHILI outfits singles, couples and Mistresses, both amateur and professionals. Visit our Ambassadresses page to see more






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