Red Chili is not responsible for: 

- Any emotional wound or physical injury that occur because of mishandling or incorrect use of Red Chili devices. Wearing a chastity cage is a hazardous adult activity. If you choose to wear a chastity cage, you must do it in full awareness of the potential risks associated with the use of a chastity device. You agree that you must bear all risks and responsibility for the possible consequences.

- Any customer measurement error. We advise you with pleasure, but the last word will be the customer's. He is considered as responsible and will bear the potential consequences.

- Any difference inferior to 5mm between the lengths of the tube measurement and the length of the chastity device, and any difference inferior to 2mm in the distance between the base ring and the tube.


Red Chili undertakes to: 

- Provide very high quality chastity devices, done with love!

- Provide a product-tracking and a 5 years guarantee for Red Chili devices in case of any breakage or corrosion.

- Treat personal data with strict confidentiality, and not to transmit any personal data to third parties.

- Ship your order within about 4 weeks, once your payment has been registered and validated online. If the waiting exceeds 8 weeks because of a too long waiting list, you can then ask for the cancellation of your order and for a full refund of amounts paid.

- Be responsive to customers, be guided by reason, wisdom and plain common sense to solve any potential problem.